"In the Life: a Visual History of Black Queer Culture in America" [Digital History Project]

This project investigates the history of African American LGBTs, from slavery to present time. Topics explored will include: same-gender loving during slavery, intimate friendships, the Harlem Renaissance, queer Blues/Jazz artists, the Lavender Scare, Gay Liberation, Disco, Studio 54, Drag Balls and Drag Queens, AIDS, Hip-Hop.

"The Global Cultures of Michael Jackson" [Book Project]

Michael Jackson was a global American icon. His music, a mix of rock, pop, soul and world music, weaved West African, South American, African American and Anglo-American inspirations. His choreography fused the artistry of Fred Astaire, James Brown, Marcel Marceau, Jackie Wilson and Jerome Robbins. His filmography combined the influences of film noir, horror, science fiction and Broadway musicals. This project seeks to understand the discursive systems that constructed Michael Jackson, as well as the discourses he generated himself, in order to reframe the meaning of his artistry in a global context.